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Running on an industrial grade embedded Linux Machine, the TCIR (Traffic Controller Interface Router) provides a seamless interface between SCATS & the remote Traffic Site Controller (TSC).  Features include:

  • HDLC and non-HDLC protocols SCATS selected 

  • Site ID query

  • Site ID overwrite

  • Site Routing and Firewalling

  • Remote Management

  • Remote control of External Outputs

  • Removes need for 3rd Party (Eltima) Tunnelling Software

  • Integrates to SCATS as a network enabled site

  • Remote network configuration and diagnostics.

The unit is easily installed in the TSC cabinet and simply connects between your IP network and the legacy serial based Site Controller. 

All site controllers running SCATS serial interface V5 or below are supported. 

  • ATC (Aldridge)

  • PSC (Eclipse)

  • Others


Talk to us about our vTSC (virtual Traffic Site Controller) for integration of external data into SCATS through MSS flags in virtual controller, allowing the ability for system wide traffic light priority, and advanced rules.

Coming soon. 

Automatic communications fallback for critical site communications continuity from your main IP network to a cellular backup 

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