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We have developed AddInsight certified Bluetooth probes.  Our probes are:

  • fully self contained

  • low profile

  • solar powered

  • cellular connected

  • quick & easy to install


Our Traffic Controller Interface Router (TCIR) provides a seamless interface between SCATS & the remote Traffic Site Controller (TSC).  Features include:

  • HDLC and non-HDLC protocols

  • Site ID query

  • Site ID overwrite

  • Site Routing and Firewalling

  • Remote Management

  • Remote control of External Outputs

  • Removes need for 3rd Party Tunnelling Software

  • Integrates to SCATS as a network enabled site


Opito have a range of Variable Message Signs (VMS).

  • 40k School Zone Signs

  • Speed Indicating Devices (SIDs)

  • Trailer mounted SIDs

  • Trailer mounted Variable Message Boards

  • Rural Intersection Advance Warning Signs (RIAWS)

  • Carpark Count Signage


Opito  specialises in customised embedded systems that do a specific task. The systems can be as big or as small as you need it to be. A custom product is designed to do only the thing you need. This means there are no compromises on what is carried out or how it is done, and only functionality you need is included. This makes the system more robust, cheaper, use less power and reliable

Intelligent Traffic Systems

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