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The ultimate Feather Base board!


Jumpering Options Galore

  • Triple Feather Footprint. 
  • Jumpers for allowing TX/RX crossovers on Feather serial pins. 
  • Jumpers for allowing MOSI/MISO crossover of Feather SPI pins. 
  • Jumpers & steering diodes to allow disconnection / steering of Feather 3V3 power. 
  • Jumpers to allow disconnection of any Feather PIN from being connected to the other Feather sockets. 


Inputs and Outputs 

  • I2C controlled I/O uses no additional pins on the Feather host. 
  • Watchdog timer (uses either I2C or optional Feather Pins) 
  • Indicator LED on all inputs and outputs
  • 4x Open Collector Outputs capable of 500mA 
  • 5x Digital Inputs. 
  • 2x Analog Inputs (0-20V, can be reconfigured for 4-20mA)
  • 4x User LEDs
  • Load Switching 
  • Current monitoring of Load 
  • Current monitoring of Power Supply input.
  • Battery Fuel Guage
  • MPPT solar input charger 
  • External Li-ion battery connector. 
  • On Board Li-ion battery connectors
  • 8-30V DC input supply. 


Fits our enclosure with lots of room under the PCB for connectors and wiring. 

Opito Feather Base

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