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The Opito Quick Feather, running QuickJS, this feather is mighty fast sporting a Microchip SAMS70 a high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 RISC processor with dual precision floating point unit (FPU) at 300MHz, it has 2048kB Flash on Board, and 384kB SRAM. 


In addition to the powerful processor we pimped it with the following cool stuff!

  • Win1500 - 802.11b/g/n module allowing Wifi Client or AP connectivity. 
  • 8MBytes  DRAM (Upto 32MB on special order)
  • 32MBytes QSPI XIP Flash 
  • SD Card
  • Standard JTAG header
  • 12V Powersupply input 
  • Debug UART
  • User LEDs
  • User Button
  • Feather Form Factor
  • Large selection of micro perhiperals out to the Feather including 4xUART, 2x CAN, 5x ADC, 2x DAC, Clocks, GPIO, and more!




Feather Quick

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